Start your life together in the beauty of Sanya

Start your life together with a honeymoon in paradise, as you enjoy private time together in your own pool villa. Take long walks on the beach and have romantic dinners – all within the privacy of our resort.

Sanya is China’s premier honeymoon destination. With the tropical climate and the pristine beaches, our resort is ideally located to create the best possible start for you and your new partner. Get a sense of romance with our honeymoon packages here.



Honeymoon tips



Bring a special gift

Give your love a sweet little gift on the first morning of your honeymoon; or every morning if you prefer. Show that you know your partner by choosing gifts that symbolises something important to both of you.


Get a special villa set-up

Let us prepare your villa for an evening of romance. We will decorate it with candles, incense and flower petals, to create a romantic surprise for the two of you.


Enjoy complimentary cake and wine

We look after our honeymooning couples, and offer you a special treat as you embark on the first stage of your marriage.





Wedding Venue

Find your perfect wedding location

Wedding Concierge

Our wedding concierge is always ready to assist with preparations.



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  • Angsana
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  • Dhawa


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