Redefining Family Culture at Work



Redefining Family Culture at Work

Back when Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei was due to open, Engineer Carl Tan joined the team and saw through the building and finishing touches of the hotel. Known to light up any room he walks in, he impacted the working culture by always lending a helping hand and treating everyone like family – guests included.

Following his footsteps, Carl’s daughter took on an internship with the hotel and served in the Food and Beverage department. With her excellent performance, she was transferred to work in the Finance department, learning and growing with the Banyan Tree family. Both father and daughter have not only brought much joy to their workplace, but also influenced their surrounding people to do the same.

In the Tan family’s words, Banyan Tree truly feels like their second home – a happy place for everyone to feel a sense of belonging.


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