My Dad the Superman



My Dad the Superman

Banyan Tree Mayakoba is a strong advocate for work life balance and in a bid to achieve this, associates’ children are invited to the property once every two months to spend a day at their dad or mum’s office and learn about the property. During one of the visits, Freddy Argaez’s daughter visited the property and was in awe of her father’s workplace. Freddy has been working with the Finance Team for almost 10 years and has always been keen to introduce his workplace to his beloved daughter.

Not only did Freddy’s daughter thoroughly enjoy the experience, his wife also sang praises of this initiative. She found the experience insightful as it gave her a glimpse to her husband’s workplace and also gain a better understanding of the nature of his job. Through the experience, she also expressed pride for the good work that her husband has done for the company.


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