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We can create an event that your organisation or friends and family will talk about for ages. With our special themes, you can select an event that fits your needs and wishes, and we will be happy to add a few personal touches for you.



Kelong Dinner

Kelong Dinner is a private dining experience in a local Bintan style of fisherman's hut. Enjoy freshly caught seafood cooked on board, prepared in the local traditional way.


The Great Bintan Race

One of our many group team-building activities in which the participants have to work together to complete the quests given. The venues will be all over the island, creating an exciting and bonding day.


Selamatan Dinner

Selamatan Dinner is a truly traditional Javanese style dinner, where guests sit on cushions, and the table is sunken in the sand. Traditional and symbolic dishes are served to create a real Indonesian experience. 


Dinner of the Legend

Dinner of the Legend is a white-themed dinner, with white curtains all around the venue. Indonesian rijsttafel will be served, while the waiters tell traditional folklore stories.

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