Things to do for Couples

Retreat to romance at a private sanctuary overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Discover one another amid an unforgettable setting of tropical splendor and a variety of activities to reignite the spark.



Banyan Tree Spa

Banyan Tree Spa's award-winning therapies and treatments are available for couples to enjoy together. A complete day of carefully chosen and blended spa therapies will renew and rejuvenate you and your beloved from head to toe over perfect lushness.

Spa in Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués

Cava Therapy

Soak in the perfume of magnolia and orange blossoms as you sip pink champagne from our wine cellar. Luxuriate in the warmth of the sun, while discovering a stimulating sense of wellness.

Intimate Moment in Villa - Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués

Las Rocas Destination Dining

With the vastness of the Pacific Ocean as your background, enjoy a romantic dinner framed by the spectacular and singular sunset’s characteristic of Acapulco.

Las Rocas Romantic Dinner at Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués

Intimate Moments

Discover your villa decorated with candles, delicate flower petals, soft satin bed sheets, aromatic oils and incense. Mellow background music, wine or champagne, exotic fresh fruit and dark chocolate further enhance the mood as you and your soulmate share a relaxing romantic encounter.


In-Villa BBQ

Rest in the comfort of your villa and enjoy a hearty breakfast spread, romantic barbecue or any of the excellent menu choices available.


Moo Kata Destination Dining

Moo Kata is the most popular Asian BBQ in Thailand. Using charcoal for the grill, fresh meat and seafood is brewed with chicken broth infused in herbs with dipping sauce in the same stove. A delicious meal to share with your significant other.


Master Cooking Classes

Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués encourages guests to make the most of their visit; upon request, you can partake the opportunity to learn from the hotel's celebrated chef and take a tour through the intricacies of each region's diverse spices. Learn how to best unleash the flavors of each dish.

Cooking Class in Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués

Tequila and Mezcal Tasting

Try Mexico´s finest Tequila and Mezcal, learn its history, manufacturing, aging and flavors in this one-of-a-kind experience. A perfect activity to have fun with your soulmate.

Tequila Tastting Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués


Energizing the body, mind and spirit in a sequence of yoga postures performed as one continuous exercise. The program starts off slow and later builds speed to create a fast flow. This graceful sequence is also known as "Sun Salutation Yoga" Share this as a couple to begin the day in an invigorating way.

Yoga in Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués

La Quebrada

Certain images spark instant recognition in the viewer's mind – the picture of a person leaping off a 45-meter cliff into the Pacific Ocean is one of them. Here, intrepid young men pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe and jump off the cliff. La Quebrada is located near Acapulco's downtown, a few minutes from the main square.

La Quebrada in Acapulco - Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués

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