Local Festival and Attractions

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Experience the local customs and traditions of Samui including the unique natural and cultural attractions found within close proximity to Banyan Tree Samui.



Traditional Thai Dance

Delight in an evening at Saffron for authentic Thai cuisine and performances of 'Menora', a traditional dance of southern Thailand.


Fire-Twirling Show

Watch a dazzling display of light created from our local performer’s precise motions and controlled acrobatics.


Muay Thai

Learn the fighting techniques and cultural practices of ‘muay thai’ or Thai kickboxing, with our indoor or outdoor classes. Practice the skills of punching, kicking and kneeing while getting a full-body workout guided by our in-house instructor.


Big Buddha

The famous cultural landmark of Samui is the 12-meter tall Big Buddha that sits at the peak of Wat Phra Yai, commonly called Big Buddha Temple. Climb to the top for a fantastic view of the local area.


Laem Sor

Set along the rocky coastline of Bang Kao, the chedi of Laem Sor, made of numerous golden tiles, is a spectacular sight to visit and is an important shrine for Buddhists to worship and pray. After, visit a local market in the nearby area to see the traditional way of life on Samui.


Na Muang I Waterfall

Located just a few minutes off the main road and set in lush jungle surroundings, the 18-metre high waterfall is equally easy to access as it is picturesque.


Untouched Coastlines

Explore the unspoilt beauty and captivating scenery located on the doorstep of our private bay. From the traditional fishing vessels at sea to the notable cultural landmarks of Big Buddha and Laem Sor, your day on the water is certain to provide lasting memories of the destination.


‘Ling Gep Maprao’ Coconut Harvestation

A unique part of Samui’s history, these specially-trained monkeys climb the coconut trees to harvest the ripe fruit for their owners.


Songkran Festival

Celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year's Day on 13 April during the hottest time of the year in Thailand, at the end of the dry season. The day is marked with the fun-filled water fights as well as the blessingof Buddha ritual.


Alms-Giving Ceremony

‘Tak Bat’, or giving alms to monks, is a venerable tradition in Thailand. During the alms giving, food is offered in the morning hours and it is an opportunity for a lay Buddhist to make merit, remove greed and selfishness from their life, and show respect to the monks.

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