Honeymoon at Banyan Tree

Celebrate your love together. Go on an adventure, find something new to discover, relax under a palm tree or overlooking a spectacular mountain view. A honeymoon is more than a chance to connect, it’s a chance to celebrate the love, just the two of you. Make that time extra special, and if you choose one of our many romantic locations, you will have a magnificent Banyan Tree resort to retreat to after a day of activities.


A tropical honeymoon

When most people think of a honeymoon destination, they think of a tropical island. An island-style honeymoon allows you to spend time together, while enjoying the clear blue waters, the sun, the pool and the food. After a busy wedding period, you will appreciate the relaxing environment that the tropics will bring you. Enjoy great food, take long walks under the stars, or have some fun with water sports or tropical adventures. There are no limits to what you can do on your first holiday as a married couple. It’s all up to you. We recommend:
A tropical honeymoon

The Urban Honeymoon

If you enjoy great food, the arts and shopping, an exciting city escapade might just be the perfect honeymoon for you. Explore the sights and sounds of the city, sample delicious local cuisine and immerse yourselves in the fascinating culture. After an exciting day out, retreat to your Banyan Tree resort and relax in luxurious surroundings. We recommend:
The Urban Honeymoon

Honeymoon Serenity

After your wedding, the thing you need the most, is time together in a relaxing environment. Enjoy magnificent nature, take in some cultural sites, experience great food, go to the spa – and most importantly, enjoy each other’s company. It is up to you to decide which experiences you would like, the important thing is to do the things you love to do together. If that is hiking in the mountains, walking on a beach or trekking through a rainforest, it is all up to you. We recommend:
Honeymoon Serenity





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