Every Banyan Tree resort endeavours to serve authentic and hearty cuisine that features locally sourced ingredients grown at or around the resort. We passionately believe that soil-to-table cuisine honours local heritage and culture, and delivers more than just nourishment to the body - it is Soul Food.

Sous Vide Corn Fed Chicken Ballotine

  • Chicken Leg - gr 150
  • Minced Chicken - gr 30
  • Rosemary Fresh - gr 3
  • Truffle oil - tbsp. 0.5
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Mustard - tbsp. 1
  • Crushed Pistachio - gr 30
  • Mint leave - gr 3 finely sliced
  • Demiglace - tbsp. for sauce
  • Quinoa Salad & Organic Farm Vegetables - gr 100

  1. Season the chicken whole, adding salt and pepper
  2. Place crushed pistachio fillings into chicken
  3. Roll up with plastic wrap, tightening both ends with chicken roll nicely wrapped
  4. Place the chicken roll into the plastic vacuum pack and seal it
  5. Sous vide for an hour, at a temperature of 55ºC
  6. Mix pistachios and chopped rosemary
  7. Remove chicken roll and add yellow mustard
  8. Slice into three pieces for sharing
  9. Serve with quinoa salad and organic farm vegetables




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