Freedom of Choice

The pursuit of wellbeing is a lifelong journey and our needs are ever-evolving. We should be free to determine our own path that is enriching and enjoyable. At Banyan Tree Wellbeing Sanctuary, the focus is placed on simple yet impactful changes that support and empower your wellness journey.

Our role is to provide a balance of wellbeing activities and experiences to inspire the journey of continual self-knowledge and connection. Our team of accredited Wellbeing Hosts are available to provide guidance and support to kickstart your wellbeing journey on the right foot. To learn more about our team, click here.

Four curated programmes are available to achieve different goals. Each consists a unique itinerary of activities, selected from the weekly calendar of 50 different activities, to provide a holistic approach in overall wellbeing. Daily spa treatments rejuvenates the body and nightly sleep rituals guide you through the steps for a sanctuary of rest. Intimate cultural activities complete an enriching and enjoyable holiday experience.



New Wellbeing

Take the first steps to elevate your wellbeing. Discover a refreshing approach through sampling a diverse range of practice classes and insightful workshops such as posture alignment and nature based activities. You may also experience the soul of Thai living through intimate cultural activities. Recommended for those interested in understanding the basics and gain a broad insight of balanced wellbeing.

New Wellbeing

Balanced Fitness

Revitalise your body with a diverse range of workouts and stretching sessions. They are designed to enhance all-rounded improvement of the physique, incuding strength building and toning elements while focusing on functional capabilities and balance. Suitable for different goals and fitness levels, and recommended for those seeking to improve physical vitality.

Balanced Fitness

Mindful Awareness

Find your inner balance with calming mindful practices. This curated journey combines slow movement practices, meditation and breathing exercises to instill a deeper sense of self, improve emotional well being and one’s connection with the world. Recommended for stress management and those seeking lifestyle change.

Mindful Awareness

Urban Detox

Kickstart your detox system with a specially designed low-calorie plant based cuisine to balance the effects of modern day dietary patterns and urban lifestyles. A committed programme will cleanse and improve the digestive system leaving you feeling lighter and more energised. Guests' experience will also be complemented by low impact, calming activities. Recommended for those desiring a disciplined diet and learning of nutrition management for optimal health.

Urban Detox

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