Start your honeymoon in the city

Make your honeymoon an urban adventure or get it off to a great start with a few days in the city before you embark on a longer journey.

Whether you are spending your entire honeymoon in Shanghai, or just getting a head start on your vacation, we have some great ideas for you. Get a sense of romance with our honeymoon specials here.



Honeymoon tips



Rose Petal Pool

Step into the dreamy pool room, filled with rose petals and candles for an evening of true romance.


Enjoy a couples' therapy at the spa

Book an invigorating, state-of-the-art hydrothermal experience for two, with our signature Banyan Tree Spa innovation.


View the spectacular Huangpu sunrise

From the Junior Riverside Suite, you can experience a gorgeous sunrise over the river. Enjoy it together over a cup of tea, or perhaps a glass of mimosa?



로맨스 패키지



Revel in serenity and retreat into the intimacy of your sanctuary with your loved one

Honeymoon Package

Indulge in an exquisite experience, let love blossom

Wedding Venue

Find your perfect wedding location

Wedding Concierge

Our wedding concierge is always ready to assist with preparations.



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