Discover Ungasan Bali

The perfect blend of beach, relaxation and culture

To Bali Collection Shopping Complex, Nusa Dua
  • Nusa Dua is 13 kilometres, or 20 minutes by hotel shuttle or local taxi from the resort.
From Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)
  • The resort is located 18 kilometres or 45 minutes from Denpasar airport by taxi or hotel car.
To “Krisna” Gift & Handycraft Center , Kuta
  • Kuta is 15 kilometres, or 25 minutes by local taxi or hotel shuttle from the resort.
Access to beach
  • The beach is a short 500 metres from the resort. take the resort buggy.
To the local market
  • The nearby local market is 1.5 kilometres from the resort, you can walk or borrow a bicycle. The market is best experienced early in the morning.
To the fish market
  • The local fish market is 9 kilometres from the resort. Take a local taxi for about 30 minutes. The market is best experienced early in the morning.
To Uluwatu Temple
  • The famous temple is 13 kilometres or a 20-minute drive from the resort, and can be reached by local taxi.
To Padang Beach
  • The popular beach and surf spot is located 4.5 kilometres from the resort. It takes about 20 minutes by car or local taxi.
To Garuda Wisnu Kencana
  • The Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park is famous for its 23-metre statue of Vishnu and its many other sculptures and cultural attractions. It is located 7 kilometres from the resort, and takes about 10 minutes by car or local taxi.
To convenience stores, supermarket, banks
  • The local stores are between 2 and 30 kilometres away. Take a taxi, walk or cycle. Remember to bring IDR, as foreign currency is not accepted.



Discover Ungasan Bali

Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia with stunning beaches, tropical forests and ancient culture. With the clear blue waters of the Indian ocean washing up on white sandy beaches, Bali is the perfect holiday destination for travellers looking for beach, sun and relaxation. Bali’s rich culture has fascinated travellers for generations, and the island with its blend of Indonesian traditions, Hindu heritage and international outlook. Experience everything this magnificent island has to offer. Sample the flavoursome food, take in the stunning nature, and enjoy the sense of peace and tranquillity Bali has to offer.




  • 현지 통화

    IDR (인도네시아 루피)

  • 현지 관습

    사원 출입 시 남성이 상반신을 덮는 단정한 의상을 착용하고 여성이 사롱(sarong)을 착용하는 것은 발리의 관습입니다.

  • 콘센트

    모든 객실은 1개 이상의 콘센트(표준전압 220V, 주파수 50Hz에 핀이 2개인 플러그)가 설치돼 있습니다.

  • 비자

    한국 여권으로 인도네시아 입국 시 비자가 필요하지 않습니다.

  • 팁 문화

    발리에는 팁 문화가 있습니다.

  • 긴급 전화

    가까운 병원은 누사두아 BIMC 병원(BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua)입니다: (+62 361) 3000911
    가까운 24시간 진료소는 SOS 클리닉(SOS Clinic)입니다: (+62 361) 703377



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