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8 Pillars of Wellbeing

Banyan Tree Veya Phuket

Discover a New Conscious Way of Living

While everyone's wellbeing journey is different, there are a series of learnings and practices that universally help us find balance within our body, our mind and our environment. Veya's approach to wellbeing is composed from a range of multidisciplinary modalities covering each of these aspects in depth. After rigorous testing and reviewing, we have distilled the most impactful meanings and practices into eight universal pathways towards being well - our 8 Pillars of Wellbeing.

A Clarified Approach to Wellbeing

Your ever-changing environment presents you with challenges and opportunities that direct your wellbeing journey. Sustained and balanced practice of Veya's 8 Pillars of Wellbeing serve as guiding principles throughout your journey's shifts and turns.

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The 8 Pillars


Sleep & Rest

Quality sleep is a critical but often elusive element of wellbeing. It is essential in helping your body repair and restoring mental energy for the day ahead. We designed your villa as the optimal environment to rest and restore. A selection of calming amenities, activities, and sleep workshops helps you further enhance your quality of rest.

Dietary Awareness

Dietary Awareness

As your lifestyle and body type impacts your nutritional needs, it's important to be conscious of what you eat. What foods benefit your wellbeing, and which ones don't? Veya’s cuisine weaves Asian and Mediterranean culinary influences with ingredients that respect the land and are celebrated for their flavor and quality. Uncover your optimal eating patterns with our resident nutritionist, who will be on-hand to recommend dishes that fit your dietary needs and preferences.

Physical Vitality

Physical Vitality

From your cardiovascular system to your muscle's strength, your body's vitality depends on a sustained and balanced fitness routine. Veya’s guided fitness activities focus on cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility and are designed to align with your personal goals. Our fitness instructors are here to coach you with every move and help you discover new ways to stay flexible and fit.

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Cultivate The Mind

Like physical exercise, regular mindfulness practice makes your mind work better. It calms you, helps you stay grounded, and ultimately strengthens your mental resilience. Our program of mind-body movement, mindfulness workshops and guided meditation sessions helps you unleash the power of your mind, whether you're an experienced meditator or just starting out.

Bonding & Connection

Bonding & Connection

Wellbeing is not always a solo journey. Share paths with a friend or partner and channel the power of social connection through our couple- and group activities designed to improve your emotional wellbeing. You'll create new memories and forge deeper bonds, and may even discover something new about each other.

Leaning and Development

Learning & Development

One of travel's greatest joys is leaving a place with new wisdoms and a fresh perspective on life. From Laughing Exercise to Compassion Mediation and from interactive group activities to bespoke private sessions, Veya's wide range of activities encourages you to acquire new skills and never stop learning. The possibilities are yours to own.

Harmony with nature

Harmony with Nature

When was the last time you completely immersed yourself in an unspoiled natural environment? Take advantage of Veya's verdant setting and rediscover nature's healing powers with our roster of nature-based workshops and outdoor activities. Through beachside mediation and barefoot garden walks, we'll show you simple yet impactful ways of harnessing the power and science of nature to enhance your wellbeing.

Sustained Practice

Sustained Practice

Your wellbeing journey is best taken with a sustained practice of various virtues such as compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness. The journey also doesn't end after your check-out. During your stay, we'll teach you how sustained mindful practice and regular reflection help you chart your path towards a calmer mind, increased happiness and deeper connectedness