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Curated Programs

Banyan Tree Veya Phuket

Curated Programs, Customised for you

For those with specific wellbeing goals in mind, we have designed a range of curated programs that focus on achieving better sleep, a clearer mind, or greater physical vitality. Each curated program comprises a consultation, a dietary plan, as well as a combination of movement activities, learning workshops and body therapy.

Sleep Regeneration

While quality sleep is essential to our wellbeing, our fast-paced modern lifestyles don't always allow us enough time to truly rest and regenerate. Embrace Veya as your sanctuary of rest and restoration with this curated program comprising sleep-inducing therapeutic massages, meditation rituals, and a practical sleep workshop. Leave well-rested, energized, and empowered with the skills and knowledge to continue improving your sleep at home.

Veya Sleep

Urban Revival

Extended sedentary and desk-bound work in sub-optimal settings strain your back, neck, and shoulders and can have negative effects on your mental wellbeing. Combining therapeutic stretching treatments and workshops focused on achieving a good spine posture, this curated program helps alleviate chronic pain and aids the reparation of strained muscles. Guided breathing exercises and natural wellbeing activities counter stress and help build mental resilience.

Urban Reviral

New Clarity

As we spend prolonged periods of time in stressful work environments, our bodies accumulate tension and toxins that affect our physical and mental wellbeing. Through therapeutic restorative detox massages and stress-releasing exercises, this curated program aims to rid your body of internal stressors, while purposeful wellbeing workshops and activites help you stay centered and fulfulled with new-found optimism for long after you've returned home.

New clarity

Optimal Fitness

A strong, resilient body forms the foundation of both physical and mental wellbeing and empowers you to withstand the negative effects of stress and injury. With innovative therapeutic stretching treatments, guided core Pilates classes, and a Sole Foundation workshop, this curated program strengthens your body from head to toe and helps build long-term physical resilience.

Optimal  Fitness