Things to do in Chongqing Beibei for Couples

Come to Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei and enjoy an air of peaceful tranquillity, majestic mountain peaks and beautiful rivers stretching across the landscape. An oasis away from the stresses of hectic urban life.



Sunset Dining

Watch the sunset beyond the glorious Jinyun Mountain as you enjoy an intimate dining experience at Ming Yue Restaurant with your loved one.


Nature Walk

Stroll hand in hand through the lush forests of Jinyun Mountains. Designated as a state nature reserve, you can admire the nine peaks and historical relics such as the Giant Buddha and General Guan Yu from the famed Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The Jinyun Mountains are a 30-minute drive from the resort and located on the banks of Wentang Gorge.


In-Villa Dining

Enjoy a private meal in the confines of your hot spring villa. Tantalising In-Villa dining choices and discreet professional service await.


Hot Spring Pool

Relax in your personal hot spring dipping pool and enjoy a quiet moment with your beloved.


Neck/Shoulder Massage Course

Take a massage course with our professional Banyan Tree therapists; learn to give a fantastic massage to your partner



Embark on a romantic cycling adventure through the charming landscapes and admire the beauty of the picturesque Jinyun Nature Reserve. 


Hot Pot Dining at Jin Yao Xuan Restaurant

Relish Chongqing's signature hot pot dish at Jin Yao Xuan with fresh seasonal ingredients from the local market


Cooking Class for Couples

Cook a delicious authentic meal from scratch and enjoy the journey from soil to table together.


Pampering Spa

Retreat to the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa and enjoy a couple's massage with tailored therapies for men and women.


Yoga and Meditation

Feel your souls entwine in spiritual harmony in this couples-only retreat. Yoga and Meditation are great ways to reconnect with your special someone.

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