Things to do in Banyan Tree Huangshan for Couples

Embark on a romance of travel with your beloved and discover the gems of Huangshan together.



Destination Dining

Dine and wine with your beloved in the privacy of your villa, complete with lush décor that will romanticise your evening. Alternatively, choose to have a delectable dinner spread by the mountainside and let the beauty of nature embrace the both of you.


Picnic Lunch

Hike up the mountain and discover the history of Huangshan Mountain - a UNESCO Heritage Site. Find the perfect spot and settle in for an oriental al fresco picnic feast like no other.


Spa Indulgence  

Treat your body to a completely reinvigorating experience at the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa


Visit Ancient Cities

Travel back in time as you go on a cultural tour of ancient villages of Xidi and Hongcun, treasured UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and enjoy an authentic Chinese lunch.


Lovers' Calligraphy

Write your beloved a unique message using the venerated tradition of ancient Chinese calligraphy. Learn from a local master and pen your declaration of love to your beloved..


Anhui Carvings

Step into the historical discovery of the Four Anhui Carvings. These brick, timber, stone and bamboo carvings date back more than four centuries, and influences the region's architecture and handicrafts today.


Photography Tours

With a photography tour package created specially for photography enthusiasts, enjoy a stay, spa experience,meals and a guided tour. Our host will bring you to the best scenic spots and ancient landscapes to capture stunning stills of Huangshan.


Couple Painting Class

Bask in a placid afternoon painting by the mountains. Learn from a dedicated art teacher, and immerse in the wonders of painting the canvas with a brush and watch how the colours blend to form your masterpiece.


White Water Rafting

Go white-water rafting with your beloved and enjoy the thrill of Huangshan's amazing river streams.


Cultural Evening

Enjoy the night lit by a bonfire, and indulge in a barbecue dinner. Be entertained by the live music and cultural performances including the renowned Hui opera. End your night on a bright note as you stargaze with your loved one.

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