Things to do in Banyan Tree Lijiang for Couples

Experience the Sense of Romance and quality bonding moments at our Banyan Tree resorts where authentic, memorable experiences await.



Sense of Romance

Experience the Sense of Romance, including a romantic room setup, local tour activities and a feast of local cuisine.


Destination Wedding

Experience the Naxi Traditional Wedding and ceremony in Banyan Tree Lijiang with a romantic room setup. Wear the magnificent Naxi costume and get blessings from Dongba Master in front of the stunning Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Also, feast on traditional food for your wedding/ceremony gala dinner.


Destination Dining

Have the most romantic dinner in our moonlight pagoda in front of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Western food or Yunnan local food can be served according to your preferences.


Romantic Getaways

- In-Villa Couple Massage Relax your mind and take in the tranquillity of your surroundings as our massage calms your senses.


Destination Anniversary

Celebrate your Anniversary in our resort, enjoy the customized room setup and special itinerary. Experience the Naxi traditional wedding ceremony in the ancient town, dress up and enjoy the local food. Let us give you and your beloved an unforgettable anniversary in Lijiang.


Romantic Souvenir

Get your partner a special souvenir in Lijiang to remember your travels together. We suggest the customized silver ring/bracelet/necklace with name engraving.


Old Town walking/riding tour

Follow our professional tour guide on a walk in Shuhe and Baisha old town, just minutes from the resort. Listen to the ancient stories and experience the minority culture during the walking tour.


In-Villa Dining

You can choose to have your dinner in your villa with a private and romantic setup. Enjoy a glass of red wine in the private Jet pool.


Naxi Bonfire Dancing

Dance with our Banyan Tree Hosts during nightfall around the bonfire and experience Naxi dancing with a sunset view.


Sundown Ritual

Write down your wishes with your beloved and leave them into the pool at night time. Leave your best memory in Lijiang and make a wish that you will return.

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