Things to do in Sanya for Couples

Banyan Tree Sanya is a great place to retreat to for couples looking to spend quality time together. With the beach, gastronomical delights and various activities, it is a holiday you will never forget




Take a ride around the resort with your beloved; cruise along the beach and feel the warmth of the sun and breeze of the wind interweave and embrace the both of you.


The Rainforest Destination Dining

Choose from three stunning Destination Dining experiences – “Legend of Luhuitou’, ‘Under the Banyan Tree’ and ‘Sunset Seduction at the Veranda”.

Have an intimate dinner with your loved one in the most idyllic surroundings while you delight your taste buds with specially-tailored meals prepared by your personal chef, paired with chilled wine.


Picnic Breakfast

Start your day on a sweet note with a surprise picnic breakfast for your partner, set in our tropical garden or by the beach. .


Relaxing By The Beach


Kayak / Waterbike Session

Maximise the summer season by enjoying the water activities the resort offers. Kayak or waterbike around Luhuitou Bay and admire the seascape.


Intimate Moments 

Let us indulge your intimate moments with gestures of romance that will sweetened your time together. Enjoy the rose-filled outdoor bathtub and the best champagne under the starry night.


Indoor Pool Villa

Take a dip in your indoor pool villa when night falls and stargaze with your other half. Let the coolness of the night wrap the both of you as you glide through the waters together.


Dim Sum Making

Find joy in learning how to make dim sum. Work together to create these steamed bite-sized dishes that are sure to leave you wanting to make more.



Within a few minutes, find yourself in the heart of Sanya’s town where you can access the best local street food. Drop by the nearby duty-free shopping malls; there is surely something for everyone.

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