Discover Mount Huangshan

Culture and nature in one magnificent destination

From Huangshan Tunxi Airport (TXN)
  • The airport is located 100 kilometres, or 90 minutes by taxi from the hotel
From Huangshan High Speed Train Station
  • The hotel is 90 minutes by taxi from the station
To the Hongcun Village UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The Hongcun Village is 5 km from the hotel. You can take a 20 minute walk, or take a bicycle or taxi.



Discover Mount Huangshan

Nestled at the foot of Mount Huangshan, our resort provides easy access to this beautiful area, with its magnificent mountains, nature and ancient cultural sites. Discover an authentic and enchanting region, as you travel through time with the ageless villages, the celebrated 800-year-old pine tree and the curiously shaped mountain itself.




  • Local Currency


  • Visa

    Visa is required to enter China

  • Tipping Culture

    It is not common to give tips in China

  • Electrical Point

    All rooms are equipped with at least 2 electrical points (3-pin plug)

  • Emergency Numbers

    In case of a medical emergency, call 24 Hour Clinic on 120



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