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Anuar Abdullah: Rehabilitating reefs now and for the future

Anuar Abdullah: Rehabilitating reefs now and for the future
Duration: 22:29

Meet Dr. Anuar Abdullah, our Malaysian change maker based in Borneo.

Coral reefs are his absolute speciality, and Anuar is a lifelong advocate, author and conservationist in the field who in 2004 invented and patented a coral catalyst used around the world to rehabilitate reefs. Born and raised on Malaysia’s east coast, he studied oceanography in Florida before returning to his home country in 1981 and kicking off his then-misunderstood mission. Anuar founded Ocean Quest Global, which is a group dedicated to recreating the ocean’s life cycle, and has been actively diving and researching for some 40 years. Recently, he took on the four-year rehabilitation of Thailand’s Maya Bay, which is an inspiring ongoing success story. 

In this episode, Anuar reflects on the personal and professional challenges he’s come up against throughout his career and the myriad reasons he chooses to focus time and energy on education.


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