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Under The Banyan Tree is a love letter to the stunning destinations where there are Banyan Tree Group hotels. Stories of amazing journeys and unique experiences invite you to relax, reflect and be inspired for your next travel adventure.

Pressure Points to Relieve Stress and Headaches

Feeling tense or as though a migraine is coming? Here are five pressure points to relieve stress and give yourself a soothing head massage right from the comfort of home, as recommended by the expert therapists at our Banyan Tree Spa Academy Phuket.

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Pressure Points to Relieve Stress and Headaches wellbeing banyan tree spa academy

5 Great Holiday Destinations for Families

Going on a trip together can build the foundation for a lifetime of treasured memories. If you’re looking for a destination that offers a variety of activities to suit the whole family, here are our top suggestions.

family activities hero image beach

Building a Brighter Future in Santa Cecilia

No longer will the children of Santa Cecilia have to travel up to six kilometres a day to get an education, thanks to the completion of Banyan Tree Mayakoba’s passion project – the Kaxan Naát School. By providing a new classroom to address the community's lack of schools, our award-winning beachside sanctuary has proven that tourism can in fact do good.

santa cecilia school project banyan tree mayakoba team

Cycling Routes in Mayakoba, Mexico

From leisurely beach routes to challenging mountain trails, discover the tropical beauty of Mayakoba, Mexico, from the back of a two-wheeled bicycle. With complimentary bicycles provided at each villa in Banyan Tree Mayakoba, it's easier than ever to get out and explore nearby routes.

banyan tree mayakoba cycling route bicycles couple

Around the World in Five Spa Treatments

Every experience at a new destination provides an opportunity to immerse in an exciting and unfamiliar culture. At our award-winning Banyan Tree Spas around the world, our signature Sense of Place treatments aim to provide just that – a sense of place for each new location, by incorporating local techniques and elements.

banyan tree spa treatment wellbeing

Planning a Sustainable Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding promises an exotic and memorable affair, but it has the potential to create a significant carbon footprint and negatively impact the environment. Fortunately, by making a few conscious choices, it is possible to minimise this impact and still have the wedding of your dreams.

destination wedding sustainable krabi seaside

Our Conservation Efforts Around the World

Since our inception, we have been guided by the ethos “Embracing the Environment, Empowering People”. As a Group, we believe in tourism’s unique ability to create meaningful impact on natural environments and local communities, and that it is our duty to be stewards of these beautiful destinations.

Read on to find out about some of our ongoing efforts to care for the lands that host us.

white sandy beach with woman and bird conservation at properties

5 Striking Birds to Watch at Lang Co Bay

Lang Co Bay is home to a kaleidoscope of flora and fauna, including various species of strikingly colourful white birds. Learn more about them via this series of professionally shot images by local bird photographers.

banyan tree lang co anniversary bird exhibition ORIENTAL MAGPIE-ROBIN 

Veya Cuisine: Food to Nourish Body and Soul

The cuisine at our wellbeing retreat Veya brings together all who desire to eat well, through conscious and nutritious dishes that awaken the senses and elevate wellbeing.

Discover this place of connection based on one of our 8 Pillars of Wellbeing – Dietary Awareness.

banyan tree veya phuket wellbeing

What To Do After Sunset in the Maldives

The Maldives offers some of the most thrilling activities and adventures under the sun, but what happens after the sun goes down?

From exciting night fishing expeditions to calming stargazing sessions, find out what there is to do when night falls at our tropical island resort.

banyan tree vabbinfaru maldives night pier

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Artisans

We have the privilege of working with exceptionally talented women across our Group, including the inspiring female artisans that create beautiful handcrafted products sold at our Banyan Tree Gallery retail outlets. This International Women’s Day, we celebrate by sharing some of their stories.

international women's day diversity

Making an Impact with Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a global movement where non-essential electric lights are turned off for one hour a year. Though actual energy savings in this hour are small, the event brings attention to the way we consume energy.

woman in front of candles for Earth Hour

Conservation at Banyan Tree Bintan

Remember the travel adage “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints?” What if you could go beyond that, to leave a positive impact on the local environment and community? Our sustainability coordinator Henry Singer shares how guests can give back while creating lifelong memories at Banyan Tree Bintan.

banyan tree bintan sustainability sea turtle conservation project release

Firefly Conservation in Bali

A beloved sight that inspires wonder and believed to contain spiritual energy, Fireflies are also relied on as a key sign of healthy natural ecosystems.

Our team at the award-winning “no-walls, no-doors” resort Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape in Bali, is helping to conserve these threatened magical creatures through breeding programmes, organic farming practices, and education of local communities.

firefly conservation in ubud bali

Island Farm–to–Table: ORI9IN Phuket

With an educational sustainable farm, family attractions, and pristine picnic areas, our brand-new gourmet park aims to inspire an appreciation for food and its roots.

picnic of fresh produce at ORI9IN Phuket

The Art of Wellbeing at Wonderfruit

Last December, we teamed up with the annual Wonderfruit festival in Pattaya for a memorable weekend filled with mindful wellbeing experiences, innovative art, evocative performances, and smooth tunes.

The Art of Wellbeing at Wonderfruit

Experience AlUla

Deep in the heart of the desert in northern Saudi Arabia, the ancient trading city of AlUla lies among colossal rock formations and majestic canyons. Here are some of the best ways to experience this whole new world.

alula experiences

Festive Feasts for Everyone

Looking for a feast this festive season? Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, halal, dairy-free or gluten intolerant, here are some eateries around the world to satisfy both your cravings and your dietary requirements

festive feasts for everyone

Retreating to Nature

Break free from urban stress and reconnect with your inner self. From China to Mexico, from the coast to the countryside, experience the healing power of nature at these serene hideaways.

retreating to nature

5 Simple Ways to Travel Responsibly

We believe that travel has the potential to be a force for good. With these tips, your holiday can help support the communities and environments you visit.

ways to travel responsibly

A Rice Story

Basmati, Arborio, black and red – some say there are 120,000 varieties of rice. One of the most well-loved is Jasmine rice, widely grown in Thailand, and served as one of four rice options at our signature Saffron restaurants around the world.

We love our rice, but how much do we actually know about it?

rice story

A week's itinerary in Bangkok

The bustling Thai capital of Bangkok is a kaleidoscope of activities from bustling markets to majestic temples, and vibrant nightlife. Here are our suggestions for a week of fun and discovery.

a week in bangkok

Festivals and holidays around the world

Discover age-old traditions, sample cultural dishes and celebrate spectacular light shows at these annual autumn festivals.

festival mexico


Whether you’re at home, work or out exploring, find balance within your body, mind and environment with these tips, based on our proprietary eight pillars of wellbeing.

8 ways to live well header

Set in Motion: Cycling Routes in Phuket

Every 21 September, Zero Emissions Day encourages the world to stop burning fossil fuels for 24 hours or longer. One way to honour the occasion is by setting your zero emission wheels in motion, and travelling by bicycle instead of by car. Need inspiration? Discover cycling routes in Phuket.

cycling in phuket

Find what it means to Live Well

To celebrate this year’s anniversary, Banyan Tree Group is launching the inaugural “Live Well, Travel Well” campaign to mark our renewed emphasis on driving wellbeing throughout our multi-branded portfolio of hotels, resorts, spas, and gallery outlets across 23 countries.

live well travel well

Past Publications

25th Anniversary Issue

Marking Banyan Tree Group's 25th Anniversary in 2019, this special issue is a celebration of our first steps as a company, our values and our hopes for the future. Relive our legacy of 25 years through intimate stories of our founders, associates and the impact we made together with guests and surrounding communities.


Issue 20: Jan-Jun 2018

In this issue of Under The Banyan Tree, we will introduce three upcoming hotels and resorts, and we will also venture into defining sanctuary – diving deep into the feelings evoked as guests step into our Banyan Tree properties; beyond the experience of complete privacy and refined services.


Issue 19: Jul-Dec 2017

This edition of Under The Banyan Tree is full of amazing experiences. A visit to our newest hotels and resorts – Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Angsana Zhuhai Phoenix Bay in Guangdong, and Cassia Bintan in Indonesia will have you booking your next flight. We explore the wellness trend with great tips for digital detox and feature local healthy recipes from our hotels.


Issue 18: Jan-Jun 2017

Flip through the pages as we take you on a journey to three of our upcoming resorts, a food trail, a look behind-the-scenes of artisans and craftsmanship, and many more, all of which would not be possible without your support.