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Luxury Spa At Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul

Spa & Wellbeing

A Sanctuary for the Senses

Awaken to the tranquil sounds of nature. Find your breath and come alive to the present moment. Savour the local sights and flavours that nourish your body and soul. Feel the power of ancient healing wisdom and time-honoured wellbeing traditions. Experience a deep sense of restoration in mind, body and spirit at Banyan Tree.

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Spa Treatments

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Banyan Tree Spa Wellbeing - Banyan Signatures

Banyan Signatures

The ultimate pampering experience.

Banyan Tree Spa Wellbeing - Time Honoured

Time-Honoured Traditions

Inspired by Asian spa wisdom.

Banyan Tree Spa Wellbeing - Massages


Experience the intuitive art of touch.

Banyan Tree Spa Wellbeing - Body Treats

Body Treats

Scrubs, conditioners and calming baths.

Banyan Tree Spa Wellbeing - Beauty


Present your best self.

Banyan Tree Spa Wellbeing - Tailored Senses

Tailored for Your Senses

Create your ideal spa experience.

Live Well Together

Discover sensory detox at the White Room in Phuket, awaken to the sound of a singing bowl in Mayakoba and treat yourself with your beloved one on a wellbeing journey of living well together with Banyan Tree Resorts.

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The Healing Element

Water is one of our preferred elements at Banyan Tree Spa. The Rainforest, our signature hydrotherapy programme, marries ancient wisdom with state-of-the-art technology to take you on a unique wellbeing journey. Immerse yourself in The Rainforest experience which takes you through steam and mist, bucket showers and ice fountains, and a vitality pool at the end.

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Banyan Tree Spa Wellbeing - Spa Rainforest Mayakoba

Banyan Tree Essentials

Create your own Sanctuary for the Senses with our sustainable body-care and aromatherapy line. Drawing from the wisdom of natural healing traditions around the world, we bring the best of nature into your homes. We work with value-aligned partners to combine indigenous flowers, herbs and spices into formulas that are good for the earth, and good for you.

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Banyan Tree Spa Wellbeing - Spa Essentials
Banyan Tree Spa Wellbeing - Wellbeing Philosophy Dark

Our Wellbeing Philosophy

At Banyan Tree, we believe in building connections within ourselves, with others and with nature. Our clarified approach to personal wellbeing practices is one that is evidence-based and accessible to the wellbeing-curious. Every journey starts with a simple and structured assessment based on these 8 key pillars: Physical Vitality • Cultivating the Mind •Harmony with Nature • Sustained Practices • Bonding & Conversation • Learning & Development • Sleep & Rest • Dietary Awareness

Banyan Tree Wellbeing Sanctuary

Our Wellbeing Sanctuary is a new way of connecting with the self, with others and with nature. This holistic approach to wellbeing allows you to combine a leisure vacation with wellness elements in a flexible and open way. It likewise encourages a personalised practice long after your stay at Banyan Tree. Begin anywhere.

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Banyan Tree Spa Wellbeing - Spa