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Spa wellbeing

Spa & Wellbeing

A Sanctuary for the Senses

Stay on top of your physical and mental health with our collection of spa services that immerse you in breathtaking natural settings for a restorative reboot. Take an afternoon siesta in the shade of a shady palm tree following a healing massage, be lulled into a rejuvenating state of tranquillity with a guided yoga session, and rediscover your glow through nutritionally balanced meals and all-natural products.

Experience a deep sense of renewal in mind, body and spirit.

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Banyan Tree Spa Tianjin Riverside Royal Banyan

Banyan Signatures

The ultimate pampering experience.

Banyan Tree Spa Estoril


Experience the intuitive art of touch

Banyan Tree Spa Club Spa Seoul

Body Treats

Scrubs, conditioners and calming baths.

Luxury Beautifying Spa Treatments Banyan Tree


Experience the intuitive art of touch


Tailored for Your Senses

Create your ideal spa experience

Classic Chinese Luxury Spa At Banyan Tree

Time-Honoured Traditions

Inspired by Asian spa wisdom


Our Wellbeing Philosophy

Drawing on the restorative nature of the outdoors, our holistic wellbeing approach is centred on the importance of restoring and maintaining the delicate balance between nature and humanity. Every wellbeing journey with us is guided by a simple and structured assessment based on these 8 key pillars:

• Dietary awareness

• Physical vitality

• Cultivation of the mind

• Harmony with nature

• Sustained practices

• Bonding and connection

• Learning and development

• Sleep and rest

Banyan Tree Wellbeing Sanctuary

Enhance your leisure vacation with core elements of wellbeing in a flexible way that considers your individual goals and needs. Our global network of Wellbeing Sanctuaries was designed to equip you with a personalised practice that will be part of your daily wellbeing routine long after your stay. Start small and work your way up.

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Natural healing

Natural Healing

Pouring with rain and steaming with mist, the tropical rainforest is an inspiration behind our signature spa experience. A highly restorative and comforting therapy for the body and mind, The Rainforest combines the elements of European spa and hydrothermal therapy such as ice fountains, vitality pools and bucket showers with Asian wellness philosophy for an immersive and deeply healing experience.

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Banyan Tree Essentials

Create moments of wellbeing at home with aromatherapy products infused with fragrant flowers and herbs. Carve out regular opportunities for mindfulness and meditation with our home fragrances and pamper yourself with our range of skin-loving scrubs and lotions leveraging wild harvested botanicals.

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