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Kathy Eldon: Transforming grief and trauma into creative action

Duration: 22:40

Kathy Eldon: Transforming grief and trauma into creative action 2

Meet Kathy Eldon, our change maker from Malibu, California.

During her decades-long career spanning three continents and multiple disciplines—including journalism, film and television production for CNN, Netflix, Columbia Pictures and more, and authoring bestselling books—Kathy became an expert at transforming trauma and heartbreak into positive action. A rousing and influential storyteller, she has dedicated her life to helping fellow visionaries impact change through artistic endeavors, in part through Creative Visions Foundation, which works in 35 countries. In 1998, Kathy co-founded (with her daughter, Amy) the nonprofit organization as a tribute to her son, Dan Eldon, who was violently killed at just 22 years old while working as a photojournalist in Somalia. Their collaborative work has so far impacted more than 100 million people, many of them children and young people. Kathy has been honoured across the globe for her hope-filled work.


In this episode, Kathy describes her path from miserable suburban housewife to Kenya-based journalist, storyteller and, ultimately instigator of change. Her magic power is re-shaping grief into creative action, education and empowerment, and helping others do the same.