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Purnima Shrestha: Growing awareness for climate change

Purnima Shrestha: Growing awareness for climate change 2

Meet Purnima Shrestha, our change maker from Nepal.

Purnima inspires and incites action through her incredible accomplishments in mountaineering and photojournalism. Her climate change activism around the Himalayas and gutsy goal of climbing the world’s 14 highest peaks make her a compelling figure in multiple arenas.

In 2017, Purnima scaled her first peak: Mount Manaslu, which is the world’s eighth highest mountain at 8,163 meters. And last year she became the first Nepali woman to climb the country’s seven 8,000-meter peaks, including Annapurna I and Mt. Everest, which became her fascination after photographing it up close on assignment.

In this episode, Purnima’s friend, journalist Kafle Shristi, translates her stories of determination and natural beauty as well as her thoughts on wrestling with self doubt and fear in the face of life-or-death situations.


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