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Wayan Wardika: Tackling conservation and regeneration of fireflies

Duration: 21:27

Wayan Wardika: Tackling conservation and regeneration of fireflies

Meet Wayan Wardika, our change maker from Bali, Indonesia.

Wayan is an in-demand Balinese sustainability activist and leader who has spearheaded immense changes and education around waste management and organic farming practices. His passion project, #BringBackTheLight, tackles conservation and regeneration of fireflies, critical indicators of a healthy environment. After working diligently to pay his way through high school, excelling at university, and working at hotels on Bali and abroad plus Disney Cruise Line, Wayan began a meaningful new chapter of his life at age 40 in his home village of Taro. There, he led an award-winning push to explore community-based tourism and supports communities around Indonesia in developing rural and regenerative tourism.


In this episode, Wayan shares the awakening that, for him, began at childhood and his belief that having incredibly limited resources actually shaped him for the best. The sustainability leader delves into the importance of fireflies and his glittering vision for a planet full of them in a century.