Romance Getaway in Lijiang

Get ready for a romantic getaway

Find romance around every corner in Lijiang. Whether you go on a hiking trail in the mountains, or you walk around the old Naxi towns, romantic experiences will never be far off.

Get a sense of romance, all over Lijiang; in the mountains, the natural wonder, in the city, the old towns and at the Banyan Tree resort. Find our romantic offers here.



Romantic tips



Enjoy the view from your villa

You don’t even have to leave your room to experience romance in Lijiang. Just sit close to your love, and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea while you gaze at the stunning mountains – and each other.


Experience a romantic dinner in a pagoda

Dining in a pagoda would be romantic anywhere, but surrounded by the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and under the shimmering moonlight, it becomes magical. Enjoy a gourmet meal prepared from local ingredients according to Naxi traditions


Make your wishes

Join in the traditional sundown ritual. Write down your wishes on a stone, and throw them in the lake. These memories will last forever, long after you’ve returned home. And who knows, perhaps your wishes will come true?





Dongba Wedding Package

Create everlasting memories of your most special day.

Sense Of Romance

Ignite the spark with your loved one. Experience an interlude of romance in your sanctuary.

Wedding Venue

Find your perfect wedding location

Wedding Concierge

Our wedding concierge is always ready to assist with preparations.



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