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Banyan Tree China


The Middle Kingdom’s ancient heritage forms an intrinsic part of its allure. Discover the historical and cultural treasures of this 5,000 year old civilisation amidst the glitz of China’s modern metropolises.

The Road to Tranquillity

A slow stroll down storied alleys in centuries-old towns. A pot of one of the world’s finest teas in an atmospheric chaguan, or teahouse. A class in traditional calligraphy to lose oneself in the meditative flow of brushstrokes. It’s these everyday details that make for exceptional experiences as you soak up the richness of Chinese culture.

An Elegant Brew

Tea is a central feature of life in China, consumed every day for good health or in a solemn ritual marking a special occasion. Among the country’s most prized leaves is Longjing green tea, also known as Dragon Well tea, grown in the hills of Hangzhou and picked by hand each spring. Come and unwind in the region’s quaint villages, and sip the mellow tea once favoured by the emperor.

Banyan Tree China
Banyan Tree Weddings Find Venue - Anji

Banyan Tree Anji

Banyan Tree Anji sits in the shade of a bamboo forest in the embrace of refreshing tea tree groves – a secluded haven of lucid waters and lush mountains where travellers can find rest and serenity away from the city.

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Banyan Tree China - Chongqing

Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei

Imagine a world where misty mountain peaks, karst caves, lush foliage, steep gorges and the hushed reverence of beautifully preserved history rise gently to enfold you in gracious welcome.

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Banyan Tree Spa Hangzhou

Banyan Tree Hangzhou

Enter into an authentic water village set in the picturesque Xixi Wetlands Nature Reserve. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and tranquil atmosphere of the park. Enjoy it all from the quiet comfort of Banyan Tree Hangzhou luxury resort, a spacious spa resort within the Wetlands Park.

Banyan Tree China Huangshan - Huangshan

Banyan Tree Huangshan

Experience an idyllic mountain resort like no other at Banyan Tree Huangshan.

Jiuzhaigou Valley Hotel Resort Facilities Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Jiuzhaigou

Step into a fairyland landscape of clear pools, waterfalls and limestone terraces at Banyan Tree Jiuzhaigou. Set against a backdrop of verdant mountains and valleys, our resort offers a sanctuary of unique aesthetics and modern comfort.

Banyan Tree China - Lijiang Intro

Banyan Tree Lijiang

Come on an adventure back in time to the ancient city of Lijiang. With charming cobblestone streets and beautiful canals running through the town, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a true marvel.

Family Suite Macau Luxury Hotel in Banyan Tree Macau

Banyan Tree Macau

Enter into a world of Forbes Triple Five-Star luxury at Banyan Tree Macau. A select few hotels around the world have received this prestigious honour from Forbes Travel Guide.

Banyan Tree China - Nanjing Intro

Banyan Tree Nanjing Garden Expo

Banyan Tree Nanjing Garden Expo is the first Banyan Tree resort in Tangshan of Jiangsu province, China. Known for its hot springs, the resort is located in Nanjing, a historic capital of six dynasties spread over 2,500 years, and built in a mine valley hidden by a cascading cliff-top waterfall.

banyan tree quzhou

Banyan Tree Quzhou

Inspired by the design philosophy of "A Tibetan school secluded deep in the mountains, a winehouse hidden in a bamboo forest at the bridgehead", Banyan Tree Quzhou features the unique natural resources and décor of the region to reflect its local culture.

Hotel & Luxury Spa Resort in Yunnan, Shangri La Tibet Ringha

Banyan Tree Ringha

Nestled in the beautiful Shangri-La highlands in Tibet, Banyan Tree Ringha reveals the stunning beauty of the Himalayas. Built from traditional Tibetan farmhouses, the resort itself is a picturesque experience that allows you to relax, unwind and find the inner peace you desire.

Banyan Tree China - Banyan Tree Sanya

Banyan Tree Sanya

The luxury villa resort of Banyan Tree Sanya sits in the serene Luhuitou Bay on the southern coast of Sanya, Hainan Island. With 49 pool villas set along a tropical lagoon on an expansive 13-hectare estate, this oceanfront hideaway features a contemporary blend of Oriental touches and lush tropical design.

Banyan Tree China - Banyan Tree Shanghai On The Bund

Banyan Tree Shanghai On The Bund

The sprawling metropolis of Shanghai is one of the world's largest cities, with a vibrant urban life, impressive skyline and rich culture. Right in the middle of all this, on the bank of the Huangpu River, lies Banyan Tree Shanghai On The Bund, an urban retreat in the city's most scenic location.

Banyan Tree China

Banyan Tree Tengchong

Banyan Tree Tengchong is located in the heart of the Gaoligong Mountains, an important strategic site in the old Tengyue Prefecture famous for its hot springs, breathtaking scenery, pleasant climate, rich heritage and ethnic diversity.

Banyan Tree China - Tianjin Riverside Hotel

Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside

Situated in the emerging metropolis of Tianjin City in Hebei district, Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside is a luxurious contemporary urban resort with unparalleled views of the picturesque Hai river.

Banyan Tree China - Yangshuo

Banyan Tree Yangshuo

The natural wonder of Yangshuo's limestone mountains are truly a sight to behold. Against this breathtaking landscape, Banyan Tree's mountain resort promises extraordinary views and access to all that Yangshuo has to offer.


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