Local Festival and Attractions in China

Come to Banyan Tree Yangshuo and join our local festival and customs. It is the best way to have the full unique experience!



The Spring Festival

Typically celebrated on 23 December based on the lunar calendar, locals prepare a feast for the celebration, wrapping glutinous rice dumplings and cakes and laying out roasted meat. The celebration of the Spring Festival does not end until the 15th of the New Year, after the eating of the sticky rice balls. In some districts, the festival can even last until the 30th of January.


Wind Forbidden Festival

A traditional Yao festival that falls on 20 January based on the lunar calendar, Wind Forbidden Festival is a colourful celebration of sounding gongs, beating drums, operatic songs and lion dance.


Dong Nationality Festivals

This traditional Dong festival takes place on 3 March every year. Fire crackers are lit and activities such as reed pipe performances and dance competitions are held. The elderly will congregate with their songbirds and young children will sing of love in antiphonal fashion. When night falls, campfires lit up the atmosphere and everyone sings operas and folk songs.

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