Local Festivals and Attractions

Experience the local customs and traditions of Acapulco including the unique natural and cultural attractions found within close proximity to Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués.



Abierto Mexicano de Tenis (AMT)

The AMT is one of the most prestigious sport events in Latin America attended by many famous brands and celebrities. The tennis tournament takes place within the arenas of men's ATP and women's WTA, featuring a clay surface.


New Year's Eve fireworks

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Acapulco with the traditional gala and fireworks, including a 100,000-firework display and the release of 20,000 cantoya balloons at the St.Lucia Bay or Pie de la Cuesta.


La Quebrada

A world-renowned picture of La Quebrada exists in the traveler's mind; a diver leaping off a 45-meter high cliff right into the Pacific Ocean. Watch brave young men perform intrepid flips of acrobatic mastery. La Quebrada is located near Acapulco's downtown.

La Quebrada in Acapulco - Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués

Barra Vieja Beach

Admire both Tres Palos Lagoon and the blue waters of Acapulco from the vantage point of Barra Vieja Beach, lying 50 kilometers southeast of Acapulco. Enjoy water sports, horse-riding, lagoon boat tours and feast on local dishes such as Huachinango Sarandeado, a whole fish prepared in a special grill.


Tres Palos Lagoon

A freshwater lagoon and home to many species, Tres Palos Lagoon is a beautiful way for visitors to glimpse raw Mexican wildlife. The locals offer boat tours and those who enjoy birdwatching will find no better place to indulge in a spot of avian sightseeing.

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