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Tura Island Cruise

Tura Island is a small, uninhabited rocky islet near the coast of Morocco. Just 200 metres from the mainland coast, Isla De Perejil's name means “Parsley Island” in Spanish. While exploring the island's surroundings, catch the beautiful sights of Mount Moussa, Belyounech Village and the cliff overlooking the two continents and the two oceans.

tura island


Whether you are an experienced diver or simply want to learn the basics, an undersea adventure awaits you in the clear blue waters of Belyounech Bay. Start your adventure getting oriented with the local conditions before boarding your vessel to your diving location. If you are an experienced diver, pair up with a diving buddy and explore at your own pace. Otherwise, team up with your diving mentor as you jump in and admire the vibrant marine life.


Jet Ski

Our jet skiing and nautical skiing experiences are perfect for those who love speeding over water.