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Banyan Tree Morocco


Bordered by the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the rest of Africa, Morocco blends varied influences in its culture and architecture. The country is an extraordinary spread of cobalt-washed coastal towns, windswept deserts and majestic mountains.

The Colours of North Africa

Wander the centuries-old spice markets, behold the architecture of grand mosques and ornate palaces, and roam the undulating sand plains of the desert. From the Atlas Mountains to the port city of Tangier, from the medina at Marrakech to the fabled leather souks of Fez — wherever you go, this infinitely photographable country will never cease to inspire.

A Culinary Expedition

Glimpse the soul of Morocco through its cuisine. Relish the flavourful depths and freshness of its Mediterranean ingredients. Using aromatic spices and traditional cooking techniques, learn how to make a few dishes and take a piece of Morocco home with you.

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Banyan Tree Morocco Tamouda Bay

Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay

Experience a sanctuary for the senses in our all-pool villa resort – a hidden gem set amidst the rugged Rif Mountains and the golden sands of Morocco's northern coast.

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