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Walk the Banyan Way

This is Your garden

We don’t need a better world, we need a better way of living within it. So start here, right now.

This is your garden. This awaiting patch of earth, these circles of community. Care for them with the loyalty of the birds to the wind, or the waves that travel miles. Watch how even in endless ocean, the turtles still find shore for the next generation. Ask not for more, but the realization there is more than enough.

Know you are a child of the universe: no less than the sunrise or the sunlit land. You are part of nature’s gentle hand. No less than the chains of rain in the open sky, bringing life to the trees.

Be the one to plant the seeds. And if you love the flowers, tend to them. In every leaf, every blade

of grass, there is beauty, fragile yet steadfast. Be like the dance between water and wood: constant, consistent, lasting. Amid a world spun by noise and haste, nurture your own quiet in the gravity of your heart. Be the one to unfold the story of your every morning. You walk the Banyan Way.

This is your garden.


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