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Island Farm–to–Table: ORI9IN Phuket

picnic of fresh produce at ORI9IN Phuket

Indelible travel memories are often made around a dinner or café table — or even a picnic blanket. Spending quality time with friends or family, surrounded by an incredible setting, complete with fresh, wholesome and flavourful food, is a recipe that virtually always equals joy.

Our recently opened gourmet park, ORI9IN Phuket, located at the integrated beach destination resort of Laguna Phuket, easily ticks all these boxes. As the term “gourmet park” might suggest, this concept organically marries nature and fine fare, two elements that are inextricably intertwined.

Offering far-reaching views and salt-tinged scents of the Andaman Sea, along with stunning lagoon vistas plus its very own lake, ORI9IN Phuket is a sustainable destination for foodies, outdoors aficionados, and families.

It is the second ORI9IN farm, following ORI9IN The Gourmet Farm, which debuted in Chiang Mai in late 2020. Variety and rarity of species are both celebrated at the first farm, which supplies produce to Banyan Tree properties, other high-end hotels and even Michelin-starred restaurants across Thailand. Both farms also highlight a leave-no-footprint ethos, where farming practices don’t simply take from the earth, but sustain and care for it in return.

From our soil to your plate

The heart and soul of the ORI9IN is Open Kitchen, a café-cum-retail market where much of the cuisine is grown on the onsite organic farm, as well as the farm in Chiang Mai. The rest of the ingredients are sourced from within Thailand, including ethically sourced meat, with nothing imported nor offered out of peak season.

Dozens of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs thrive across the sustainable farm of 1,200 square metres, including passionfruit, pak choy, lemongrass, lime, sweet potatoes, sweet basil, guava and ginger.

Enjoy the fresh bounty as part of a picnic basket, as takeaway or at the Open Kitchen café where the farm becomes the feast at the hands of professional chefs. The wide, seasonally changing menu of elevated Small Plates, Flora and Fauna (as in salads and delectable veggies), Flour (global creations served sandwich style), and Large Plates, was designed to take your tastebuds on a trip around the world with dishes inspired by cuisines from Thailand to Turkey to France.

A playground for the whole family

Besides savouring the exquisite produce, year-round educational farm tours also provide the opportunity to discover firsthand the beauty of growing it the organic way. At the very least it’s fascinating to see the process, and at best it serves as lasting inspiration for future decisions at home.

On the rest of the 73,600-square-metre compound, there is also a kids playground plus green mazes, a fenced-in dog park for furry friends, and a one-kilometer loop trail circling Lotus Lake, where one might run into happy white ducks or spot water lilies from viewing docks. It’s all open daily, along with the retail market selling farm-grown ingredients and house-made products.

Between smelling the flowers, seeing the landscape, touching the plants, and then dining on them in delightful preparations, a day at ORI9IN is actually a journey for all the senses.

Visit ORI9IN Phuket when you stay at our all-pool villa resort Banyan Tree Phuket


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