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Planning a Sustainable Destination Wedding

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Destination weddings have become an increasingly popular trend in recent years, with couples opting for exotic locations to exchange their vows. However, such weddings can have a significant impact on the environment, creating a greater carbon footprint than a typical wedding.

The good news is, this impact can be minimised through making some key choices, so you can enjoy a dream wedding at your desired location while still respecting the planet.

Read on for tips on holding a sustainable destination wedding in your favourite place in the world, while minimising your negative impact on its natural environment.

Get Innovative with Invitations

Traditional paper invitations can contribute to deforestation and waste. Consider digital or non-digital options to minimise your wedding's environmental impact. Creating a wedding website with all information about the event and sending the link to guests via email is one easy and convenient way to go digital.

Another interesting option is to use plantable paper, a biodegradable and recycled paper embedded with seeds. This way, guests can return the paper to the soil and grow wildflowers after the wedding.

Consider Greener Transport Options

If a large number of guests are travelling to the destination for your special day, consider their transport options. Perhaps work with your selected hotel to arrange airport transfers based on flight schedules, so your guests can share transport from the airport at set timings. This not only saves some money, but also reduces the carbon footprint that comes from using multiple vehicles.

Choose a Sustainably Designed Venue

When planning a green destination wedding, one of the crucial factors is to ensure that the selected venue aligns with your values. For instance, Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape, is our award-winning ‘no-walls, no-doors’ resort constructed from recycled wood, and sustainably designed to maximise natural light and airflow. Moreover, it features a zero-waste kitchen and bar, making it the perfect venue for environmentally conscious couples.

In addition, being surrounded by the Balinese forest and framed by seven mountain peaks, it provides a stunning natural setting for your big day. This reduces the need for extensive decorations that end up being discarded after a typical wedding. Instead, let nature provide the backdrop as you exchange vows amid lush greenery and breath-taking landscapes.

Consider Eco-friendly Materials

Whether deciding on wedding attire or decorations for the venue, some materials are more sustainable than others. Cloths made from organic or recycled cotton, or cooling linen, are great for making outfits for your wedding dress and suit, as well as your bridal party’s.

If you require decorations, rather than purchasing brand new or single-use items like balloons or confetti, consider props that can be reused or recycled such as candles, potted plants, or rented decor.

Have the destination wedding of your dreams at one of our Banyan Tree properties around the world, and enjoy your next holiday on us. Find out more about our wedding offers here.


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