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Banyan Tree China Lijiang Experiences - Unique 3 Day Lijiang Itinerary Itinerary

Unique 3-Day Lijiang Itinerary

Enjoy the best of Lijiang with our recommended 3-day itinerary.

Recommended Lijiang Itinerary

Morning: After breakfast, go on a tour of the old villages of Baisha and Yuhu. Afternoon: Have lunch and go on a walking tour of Shuhe old town before returning to the hotel for afternoon tea at Wen Hai Bar. Evening Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment and end the night with dinner at our hotel restaurant Ming Yue.

Morning: Have breakfast and head off to tour Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Evening: Have dinner at Bai Yun restaurant and watch the Lijiang Romance Show.

Morning Have breakfast at the back of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to view the sunrise. Visit the local primary school for a CSR activity. Afternoon: Go on a biking tour of Wenhai. Evening: Dinner at Ming Yue Restaurant.