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Tibetan Wedding Ceremony & Honeymoons Banyan Tree Ringha

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Banyan Tree Ringha

Romance in the Tibetan Highlands

Shangri-La is full of mystique and romance and is a place unlike any other. Plan a Shangri-La luxury wedding that you and your guests will talk about for years to come.

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Proposing in Shangri-La

Asking for someone's hand in marriage 3,300 metres above sea level will be a unique and memorable event. In the crisp mountain air, surrounded by the rich Tibetan culture, you will feel a part of a thousand year old love story.

Banyan Tree China Ringha Weddings Honeymoons - Proposal

A Wedding in Shangri-La

Exchange your vows at the top of the world as you join together as partners for life in the magnificent surroundings of the Shangri-La highlands.

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Banyan Tree China Ringha Weddings Honeymoons - Valley

Honeymoon in Shangri-La

A honeymoon in the highlands will give you an active holiday full of romantic mountain treks and amazing dining at the resort. Perfect for the couple that prefers something a little out of the ordinary.

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Banyan Tree China Ringha Weddings Honeymoons - Honeymoon

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