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Top Things To Do In Yangshuo - Banyan Tree River Rafting and Cruises

River Rafting and Cruises

Take a leisure river cruise down the tranquil Li River from Guilin all the way to the natural beauty of Yangshuo.

Li River Bamboo Raft

Take a private bamboo boat with your loved one to explore the Li River and observe the local way of life. While cruising down the tranquil river, enjoy the scenery of the beautiful karst mountains.

Banyan Tree China Yangshuo Experiences - Rafting Li River Bamboo

Xingping Li River Rafting

Li River, one of China's most famous scenic areas, was listed as one of National Geographic's Top10 Watery Wonders. Enjoy the 83km-long waterway from Guilin to Yangshuo with your family, and witness the destination come alive with its vibrant scenery in contrast with the villagers in action.

Banyan Tree China Yangshuo Experiences - Rafting Ingping
Banyan Tree China Yangshuo Experiences - Rafting Yulong

Yulong River Rafting

Yulong River, also known as Little Li River, is the biggest branch of Li River in Yangshuo. Apart from the incredible landscape, you can admire Yulong River's peaceful and vivid scenery with the locals going about their daily lives around the villages.

Banyan Tree China Yangshuo Experiences - Rafting River Cruise

Guilin-to-Yangshuo River Cruise

Leave Guilin Quay and drift along the river to Yangshuo Quay, taking in the panorama of nature and karst mountains along the 83 km river ride. Enjoy lunch onboard the cruise ship before returning to the resort. If you prefer, a bamboo raft taxi can drop you off at Banyan Tree's private jetty.