Attractions and Local Festivals in Macau

Indulge in the ultimate experience in Macau with our recommended 3-day itinerary that is sure to leave you with a memorable and rejuvenating stay experience



Chinese New Year

Visit Macau during Chinese New Year and experience the local culture and festivities. Enjoy the markets, parades, lion and dragon dances, cultural performances and fireworks.


Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of China’s biggest celebrations and a time of getting together. Indulge in the sweet and savoury mooncake selections coupled with a cup of fragrant tea – atone of the local oriental gardens.


Dragon Boat Festival

Catch the dragon boat race against the stunning skyline of Macau. Be drawn in the excitement and the lively atmosphere.


Macau Grand Prix

The roaring engines of the cars at the Macau Grand Prix is something you will never forget. This four-day event will leave you wanting to take the wheel yourself.


Macau Lotus Festival

The Macao Lotus Flower Festival happens every summer, showcasing the beautiful perennial aquatic plant found throughout China. Every year, the festival will highlight a particular lotus species.


On The Retro Trail

Travel back to the history and discover what Macau was like a century ago. Explore the local stores, bakeries, stalls and bring home some great memories of traditional souvenirs from Macau.


Macau's Churches and Temples

With such an extensive history of Portuguese Chinese influences, Macau is home to many churches and temples that reflect its diverse environment.


Pet Birds Culture & Yum Cha

Indulge in a selection of finely prepared Dim Sum and Chinese tea, experience the local Yum Cha tradition just like many movies depicting old Macau begin with a scene screening a man walking in to tea house with his chirping birds and the decorative bird cages.


Guia Fortress and Lighthouse

As the highest point on the Macau peninsula, Guia Fort offers panoramic views of the city. Find the stunning Chapel of Our Lady of Guia on the hilltop, constructed in 1622 and retaining almost 100% of its original features, including some of Asia's most important frescoes.


Taipa Houses-Museum

Considered as one of the cultural relics of Macau, Taipa Houses were built in 1921 and they are a series of colonial style houses turned into museums. Their beauty remains despite their age, making them a popular spot for photographs.

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