Banyan Tree was founded with the core value of driving sustainable development. We employ an integrated and participatory approach, to minimize our impact while safeguarding and enhancing the human and physical environment for present and future generations.

As stewards of responsible tourism, we have conceptualized our values in our “Brand for Good” framework to go beyond the precautionary approach and inspire exceptional experiences among our guests to “embrace the environment and empower people” at each of our locations.



Sustainability Achievements

Banyan Tree Yangshuo has been the recipient of various industry-recognized awards for our compliance to the most stringent environmental practices and commitment to corporate social responsibility.

EarthCheck Bronze Certification

EarthCheck is the world's leading scientific benchmarking and certification group for sustainable tourism. Banyan Tree Yangshuo was awarded the Bronze Certification in 2017.


Plastic-Free Banyan Tree

Our resort is committed to our brand-wide pledge to reduce and ultimately eliminate single-use plastics from our operations, as part of our continued effort to directly address the detrimental effect that plastic is having on the environment and marine life. In our first year, we as a Group managed to eliminate over 25% of targeted single-use plastic, meaning 1 in 4 of these items used will no longer be sent to landfill or end up polluting our environment.


Resource Conservation

Banyan Tree’s efforts connect with the issue of global climate action by conserving resources through efficient operations, with external assurance by EarthCheck, the leading benchmarking certification within the travel and tourism industry.


Greening Communities Together

Our aim is to restore the natural environment, whilst raising awareness of climate change through tree-planting events, around the area in which we operate, with a current target of 2,000 trees per year. In the first ten years we planted almost half a million trees, and we aim to plant 25,000 tree for our 25th anniversary this year.


Supporting Local Communities

Supporting long-term societal prosperity is central to Banyan Tree’s ability to create value for local communities and this is achieved by empowering them through job creation, education, supporting artisanal cooperatives, community impact initiatives, humanitarian relief and connecting travelers to local culture and heritage.


Community Cleaning

We aim to organize a minimum of four cleaning activities each year, to engage members of the local community, our guests and our associates with the need for effective waste management and to promote responsible consumption of resources and maintaining a healthy environment.


Guided Tour

Cycling has become a popular mode of travel and sport because it is a clean-energy vehicle with zero emissions. On Mondays, Banyan Tree Yangshuo offers a complimentary cycling tour led by one of our associate. The one-hour tour allows guests to enjoy the incredible scenery, beauty of nature and local culture as they ride from the hotel to the local village.


Ball Embroidery Course

A symbol of love between couples, the embroidered ball is a unique handicraft of the guangxi people. The ball is made of silk with three main colors: red, yellow and green. On the ball, the pattern shows a connection of twelve petals. Each petal represents a month in the year and has an embroidery of a “character” that represent union and eternal happiness – plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, swallow, dragon and phoenix. In order to make the ball weightier, beans, millet, cotton seed or corn seed are wrapped inside the ball. These cereal seeds symbolizes that the year would bear “bumper crops”.

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