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Banyan Tree Indonesia


From vast lands draped in tropical rainforests to cliff-girded coastlines and magnificent seas, Indonesia is as geographically spectacular as it is culturally diverse.

Across the Archipelago

The world’s largest archipelago nation has over 17,000 islands and extends from the southern end of the Andaman Sea to the doorstep of Australia. Waves of migrations over the centuries, along with a colonial past, have contributed to a varied and interesting cultural landscape across the country.

Into the Wild

By its sheer size, tropical climate and geography, Indonesia supports one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. Spend a week exploring the waters off the coast of Bali, where you might encounter the intriguing mola mola fish, or connect with nature as you go bird-watching on Bintan island.

Banyan Tree Indonesia Features
Bintan Luxury Villa Resorts With Private Pool

Banyan Tree Bintan

Immerse yourself in a natural sojourn on Bintan Island, where lush rainforests come alive across towering trees, hillside terrain, secluded beaches and the sweet song of wildlife.

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buahan escape indonesia

Buahan - A Banyan Tree Escape

An invitation into a new way of being.