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Our vision is to do business for good: safeguard the communities and environments where we operate, drive awareness and transformative change in the travel and tourism industry, and through responsible travel support the global sustainability agenda and strengthen the resilience of communities. People and the planet for future generations.

Our Certifications

EarthCheck Platinum

EarthCheck Platinum Certification

It has the recognition of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), this standard evaluates 3 areas which are designed to evaluate the business, socio-cultural and environmental performance of tourism companies that adopt it.



Certification of Tourist Environmental Quality that prevents possible negative impacts to the environment such as reduction of waste, emissions and consumption of energy as fuel and water with the consequent reduction in pressure on natural resources and ecosystems, as well such as the improvement of environmental quality.


Distinctive S

It is a recognition of good sustainable practices in tourism companies, which operate in Mexico under the global criteria of Sustainability.

Plastic Free

We are committed as a brand to reducing and ultimately eliminating single-use plastics from our operations as part of our ongoing effort to directly address the detrimental effect plastic has on the environment and marine life. In the last two years, we have managed to eliminate more than 50% of single-use plastic, which means that one in two items will not go to landfill or pollute our environment. Banyan Tree Mayakoba has exchanged all plastic water bottles for glass bottles and plastic straws for paper straws, which are FSC, certified.


Resource conservation

At Banyan Tree Mayakoba, we care about the environmental impact that our activities may cause, establishing an action plan in place to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible. We train, direct and guide our guest, collaborator and supplier to carry out an adequate separation of waste and understand the importance of a correct classification.


We collaborate with different companies that are authorized, certified and specialized in collecting each waste giving a correct final destination. Among them we have organic waste which is sent to pig farms, while each recyclable waste is valued as (PET, hard plastic, cardboard, aluminum, scrap, paper and glass) without omitting the waste from special handling and hazardous waste. In the same way, a recycled paper workshop is offered in which we implement the use of the 3R's (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) where we sensitize from adults to the smallest, always creating awareness in caring for the environment.


Our goal is to raise awareness with activities that contribute to the land and local communities.

Banyan Group globally has planted more than 500 thousand trees since 2007. And to celebrate Earth Day in 2021 Banyan Tree implemented and coordinated a global campaign led by to support the Canopy Project in the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro Biosphere, one of the most important protected areas in Mexico, where they planted more than 5,000 trees.



Our SEEDLINGS program is an initiative of the Banyan Group that aims to nurture young people by providing education and vocational skills preparing them for life and work. It was launched in 2007 and consists of two phases, the first is mentoring, which is provided by volunteer collaborators who have received training; in the second, financial support is provided until the end of upper secondary education, having a total duration of 6 years.


Supporting Communities

Banyan Tree Mayakoba provides support and training to local communities to start their own small businesses that can be environmental, educational and socio-cultural, with the aim of generating a circular economy. An example is the small company "TSAAK MEJEM KAAB" led by Mr. Jorge's family, where they make soaps with Melipona honey, granted as an amenity and you can also buy it in the hotel gallery.


Cleaning Communities

Our goal is to carry out four cleanings of natural areas each year, to involve members of the local community, guests, collaborators and suppliers, teaching them to give the correct follow-up to each type of waste and promote the responsible consumption of resources and the maintenance of a healthy environment.


Protection of Sea Turtles

Mayakoba has an authorized turtle field since 2010, where 4 of the 7 species worldwide come to nest on the beaches of the complex; Banyan Tree Mayakoba provides training to guests, collaborators and suppliers, sensitizing them in the care of sea turtles that are in danger of extinction, creating a unique experience where they have the opportunity to observe their release (from May to October).


Reef Conservation

Banyan Tree Mayakoba contributes to the reforestation and care of coral reefs, the species being reforested is known as “Acropoda Palmata” (Elkhorn), the objective of OCEANUS AC is the construction of coral nurseries and transplantation of thousands of colonies to increase diversity at sites, promote the resilience and natural resistance of marine life caused by climate change. In which it seeks to involve local communities, businessmen and hotels as part of a restoration network to achieve a greater impact on the beaches of Mayakoba.


Banyan Tree Mayakoba Sustainability Policy

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Sustainable Management System

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