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Sustainable Tourism In Thailand for Sustainability

Sustainability Experiences

In our view, the mission of business and the purpose of growth are to build a better society for all. ‘Stay for Good' encompasses our sustainability efforts and encourages our guests to get involved through various initiatives. Make your family getaway a memorable one by giving back to the community in which we operate.

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Sense of Nature Walk

Trek through our tropical sanctuary as you locate the various wildlife and plant life that call our resort home. Our team will guide you through the habitat in which we have seamlessly integrated our resort. Hear the enchanting call of the wild and see the fascinating beauty of plants and flowers in the tropics!

Banyan Tree Thailand Samui Honeymoons - Sense Of Nature Walk

House Reef Snorkelling Class

Explore the marine life of our house reef on this guided journey amid our private bay. Observe a vast variety of fish including Copperband Butterflyfish, Trumpetfish and Parrotfish. Keep your eyes open for the colony of Giant Clams or a Blue-Spotted Stingray lurking along the sea floor. A world of discovery awaits beneath the surface!

Banyan Tree Thailand Samui Experiences - Sustainability Experiences House Reef Snorkelling Class

Alms-Giving Ceremony

‘Tak Bat’, or giving alms to monks, is a venerable tradition in Thailand. During the alms giving, food is offered in the morning hours and it is an opportunity for a lay Buddhist to make merit, remove greed and selfishness from their life, and show respect to the monks.


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