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Yoga & Wellbeing Resort in Koh Samui Thailand

Wellbeing Experiences

Our philosophy is that we are all interconnected, and that wellbeing is about the connection to self and the relationship of the self with others and nature. It is in tapping this connection that one discovers balancing points, appreciates the here and now, and finds ways to contribute and improve one’s state of being.

We believe that wellbeing should be inspiring and accessible to all. Our wellbeing experiences enable you to design and combine a leisure vacation with wellbeing elements in a flexible and open way.

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Yoga Classes

Unite the mind, body and spirit to achieve mental and physical balance and wellbeing with our complimentary and private yoga classes. Our instructor will guide you through a series of breathing techniques and stretching postures all performed slowly and consciously with a focus on your inner awareness.

Banyan Tree Thailand Samui Experiences - Wellbeing Experiences Yoga Class

The Rainforest

Unwind with an invigorating hydrothermal experience infused with time-honoured Asian wellness philosophy at The Rainforest, which features a variety of treatments utilizing the healing power of water. Progress through altering stages of hot, nourishing treatments and cool, soothing treatments that focus on different areas of the body to revitalize and restore your health.

Banyan Tree Thailand Samui Experiences - Wellbeing Experiences Samui Rainforest

Banyan Tree Spa Samui

Retreat to a haven for romantics where a complete sensory experience steeped in holistic Asian healing traditions awaits you and your loved one. Under the intuitive touch of our therapists, simple sensory pleasures are reawakened to define the award-winning Banyan Tree Spa experience.

Banyan Tree Thailand Samui Experiences - Wellbeing Experiences Mobility Stretch

Bath Menu

Softly lit by candles and gently scented by the fragrance​ of flowers, your bathroom turns into a private sanctuary as you are lulled into a state of relaxation and your stresses and strains soothe away. Choose from our selections on offer including Banyan Tree Relaxing Bath​, Honeyed Milk & Rose Beauty Soak, and Mixed Herb Bath.

Banyan Tree Thailand Samui Experiences - Wellbeing Experiences Bath Menu

Intimate Moments

Capture the intimacy of your time together and allow us to create a sanctuary for the senses within your villa using traditional Thai elements, relaxing music and essential oils specially formulated to induce just the right atmosphere. Seal your night of romance with either a bottle of wine or celebratory champagne.

Banyan Tree Thailand Samui Experiences - Wellbeing Experiences Intimate Moments

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