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Complimentary summer activities

Summer beckons!

From 1 April to 31 September 2024, guests at Banyan Tree Lang Co can enjoy free daily access to a variety of water sport activities.

Banyan Tree Lang Co Canh Duong beach
banana boat

Banana Boat/Big Mable Ride

(10 minutes per session)

Feel the wind in hair and the thrill in heart as you ride the waves on the banana boat.

Kayak activities


(20 minutes per session).

Glide across the water, soaking in the tropical sun, and being embraced by the greenery.

Croquet at Banyan Tree Lang Co


(20 minutes per session)

Engage in an exciting match with friends that challenges your finesse.



(15 minutes per session)

Challenge your physical skills and mental focus with archery.

Viet Nam Basket Boat

Vietnam Basket Boat

(10 minutes per session)

Give yourself a chance to experience a ride on the Vietnamese traditional basket boat, floating away on our 950-meter canal at Banyan Tree Lang Co

badminton court

Badminton Court

(30 minutes per session)

Join in this simple yet thrilling game to improve your agility, while also enjoying time with friends.

 Bocce ball

Bocce ball

(20 minutes per session)

Sharpen your precision, agility and team work in a bocce ball game.

-obstacle- course

Obstacle course

(30 minutes per session)

Conquer all obstacles on the path to the finish line, making the journey enjoyable with friends.


Mini Football

(30 minutes per session)

The king sport is right here for you to heat up your body and hone your physical fitness.

tennis court

Tennis Court

(30 minutes per session)

Strengthen your muscles and strategic moves during a thrill tennis match

stand up paddle board

Stand Up Paddle Board

(20 minutes per session)

Grab your board, hit the water, and let the adventure on the sea begin.


Explore an extensive array of summer activities at Banyan Tree Lang Co, spanning from invigorating Yoga & Wellness sessions to immersive cultural encounters, exquisite dining experiences, and beyond.

Paper Lotus Making


The first-of-its-kind resort activity in Vietnam

Wander through the Resort’s tropical haven and learn about the 15 Signature Birds at Banyan Tree Lang Co, a transformative travel experience that changes the way you see the world, not just for today but forever.

Crimson Sunbird at Banyan Tree Lang Co

Summer Activities Terms & Conditions

  • The complimentary summer activities are valid from 15 April until 30 September, 2024
  • Booking in advance is required and subject to availability
  • Some activities are subject to weather and sea conditions
  • One booking per activity for each villa at a time. The following booking can be made once the previous booking is finished
  • Cancellation is required one hour in advance
  • No-show at the pre-booked activity or cancellation with less than one hour notice will cause a charge of the activity’s price
  • Please reach out to your Villa Host for bookings and changes

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