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Around the World in Five Spa Treatments

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Travel is not necessarily just about going somewhere new. It has the potential to be a transformative experience, an eye-opening immersion into a different culture and environment, and a way to develop fresh perspectives. Whether it’s the cuisine, the localised activities, or even the spa treatments – each experience is a chance to view a destination from a different angle.

At our award-winning Banyan Tree Spas, this comes in the form of our Sense of Place treatments, which are inspired by the natural environment and local culture of each destination.

From the volcanic mud of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, to the tea varieties from plantations in China, our treatments combine locally sourced ingredients or components to create truly authentic experiences, so guests can connect more deeply with the history, traditions, and landscape wherever they visit.

Join us on a journey of discovery and rejuvenation, as we take you on a tour of the world through our unique spa treatments.

Healing Hot Springs

The warm, soothing waters of natural hot springs around the world are widely believed to have a myriad of benefits for the physical body. The North Hot Springs in Chongqing, China, nestled at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, are no exception. At a comfortable temperature of approximately 38 degrees Celsius, these mineral-rich waters are believed to help relieve certain skin conditions and joint issues, while also improving circulation and digestion.

Bathing in hot springs has long been a part of Chinese culture, revered for its detoxifying qualities, and as part of a social tradition where platonic spiritual bonds between people are forged through the powers of the warm mountain water.

Experience the warmth of nature and partake in this age-old tradition when you bathe in the Jinyun Mountain Springs, before a therapeutic spa treatment that specifically complements the hot spring effects at Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei.

Nourishing Volcanic Mud

Naturally formed through geothermic processes and volcanic activity, rhassoul is a mineral-rich mud that has been used in skin treatments for many centuries. Taken from the majestic Atlas Mountains, this thick black mud is full of minerals and antioxidants that cleanse and detoxify the skin, while its high potassium and magnesium content helps revitalise and strengthen both skin and hair, resulting in a refreshing glow.

At Banyan Tree Tamouda Bay, our spa therapists use Moroccan treatments that have been around since the eighth century, incorporating rhassoul, argan oil, and other traditional ingredients and methods.

Moisturising Kemiri Nuts

Kemiri nuts, also known as candlenuts, are a staple ingredient in a plethora of Indonesian dishes, sometimes to add an oily element and other times as a thickening agent. While they are delicious to consume, their uses extend beyond the kitchen as kemiri nuts can also be used to make traditional candles or soaps, and as a component of skin treatments.

Like other oily nuts, kemiri nuts are high in essential fatty acids, so they can be used as a natural exfoliator or to moisturise and soothe dry and itchy skin. Try them for yourself at Banyan Tree Bintan’s spa, where the Sense of Place treatment makes use of this traditional ingredient to help revitalise both skin and spirit.

Healing Mayan Techniques

The Mayans are one of the most dominant indigenous societies of Mesoamerica, known by its ancient temples and glyphs. They believe that the human body is made up of energies that can be harnessed for healing and revitalisation.

At Banyan Tree Mayakoba, our Sense of Place treatment involves an authentic Mayan ritual inspired by the relationship between the body’s most important energy points and the 20 solar seals. It also uses locally-sourced ingredients including Agave regenerative phytocomplex, aloe vera, white clay, coconut, and grape to achieve a healthy balance between culture and nature.

Revitalising Tea Leaves

An important aspect of Chinese culture and heritage, tea is more than just a warm beverage to be shared among friends. It is a prominent component of China’s spirituality, philosophy, and social history, and has long been used as part of traditional ceremonies and treatments.

Tea is a common ingredient in skincare, as it contains nutrients that can regulate skin function and promote vitality. Immerse yourself in this natural treatment when you try the Sense of Place treatment at Banyan Tree Hangzhou, infused with locally sourced Longjing Tea which has a high level of anti-oxidants to help reduce sun damage to the skin and maintain its youthful glow.

Explore the world while rejuvenating the senses, when you visit any of our Banyan Tree Spas around the globe.


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