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The Art of Wellbeing at Wonderfruit

The Art of Wellbeing at Wonderfruit

Imagine nourishing your senses with spa treatments and sunrise yoga, then savouring gourmet cuisine and dancing to inspiring music beneath the stars. Last December, we teamed up with the annual Wonderfruit lifestyle and music festival in Pattaya through shared philosophies of sustainability and wellbeing, to enrich the event with luxurious boutique camping tents and our signature Banyan Tree services from enlivening morning rituals to healing massages.

The spirit of wellbeing weaved through every experience in The Fields at Wonderfruit, mixed with innovative art and evocative performances such as an immersion into the sounds of nature against a backdrop of art installations representing the earth’s elements. Meanwhile, new venue Sonic Elements presented guests with Chris Watson’s Voices in the Humboldt Current, where people delved into a journey of being one with the water.

Stylish participants floated through A Taste of Wonder, admiring collections from ethical designers, while music lovers danced to the reggae of Srirajah Rockers and the Latin grooves of Juany Bravo at the Theatre Pavilion across the grassy slope. From zipping down mudslides to learning about the origins of food, families frolicked in Camp Wonder and relaxed in the Bath House bamboo pods. Beautifully displaying the sustainable heart of the event was the Ancestral Forest, an ongoing rewilding project with SUGi and a local forest planting team from Baansuan Onsorn.

Journeys to Wellbeing

While the sustainable focus represents nourishment for the earth, Wonderfruit shares Banyan Tree’s devotion to wellbeing with inspiring experiences to enhance the mind-body connection. Banyan Tree Veya made an appearance at the Wonderness venue, a serene hub for inner journeys through workshops and therapies.

Our expert practitioners such as naturopathic doctor Elizabeth Konjengbam brought people to a place of body awareness with mindful flow movement, yoga therapist Ocean Bloom empowered celebration of self with yoga trance dance and human kinetics specialist Juan Jimenez synergised mind and body in Kali stick martial movement, while participants connected in harmony over singing bowl sessions and herbal teas.

In keeping with Banyan Tree Veya’s philosophy of wellbeing as a lifelong journey, participants were also gifted with tools to live in the moment through sensory meditations and breathing technique workshops with master yoga practitioner Rajesh Thazhe Thatathil.

Heavenly Havens

From memorable experiences in The Fields to Wonderfruit’s Boutique Camping, Banyan Tree’s signature luxury services invited participants to indulge in true pampering. Emerging from charming bell tents and trendy RVs, boutique campers began magical days with morning wellbeing rituals of sunrise yoga and body stretches framed by lush greenery.

At the festival’s first-ever on-site spa, guests were revitalised with Banyan Tree’s signature Thai Essence Massages and Express Facials. Meanwhile, each participant received natural skincare and aromatherapy gifts from Banyan Tree Essentials, including a Coconut and Seaweed Mineral Sunscreen and a Lavender and Bergamot Sleep Enhancer to ensure peaceful sleep at night.

Feasts for the Senses

Along with 24-hour concierge services, boutique camping guests enjoyed exclusive access to scrumptious food at a restaurant and bar inspired by Banyan Tree Bangkok’s renowned Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar. Think Massaman beef panini followed by warm marshmallow brownies to send you back to The Fields feeling energised and thoroughly satisfied.

At all times, the alluring scents of delectable cuisines drew attention to an array of food venues throughout Wonderfruit. Theatre of Feasts was a tantalising choice, where Michelin-starred eateries and local chefs tempted taste buds and sparked culinary curiosity, while a new permanent addition known as Open Kitchen honoured generations of Thai women sharing traditional cooking secrets.

Combining wellbeing, music, art, flavours and a sustainable heart, Wonderfruit 2022 blended exquisite ingredients for an uplifting four days of pure nourishment for mind, body and soul.


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