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Veya Cuisine: Food to Nourish Body and Soul

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Built on our proprietary 8 Pillars of Wellbeing, Banyan Tree Veya Phuket is a place of connection between self, others, and nature. It encourages an all-rounded balanced lifestyle, offering its own brand of uniquely conscious and plant-based cuisine that was built on the ‘Dietary Awareness’ pillar.


As a personalised wellbeing retreat, Veya’s cuisine was created to cater to individual needs, where every dish on the menu incorporates Asian and Mediterranean culinary influences with ingredients that respect the land and are celebrated for their flavour and nutritional value.


Discover the mindset behind the signature cuisine at Veya:

Indulge from the Source

All of Veya’s ingredients are sourced from farms within the country, including our very own ORI9IN organic farms in Chiang Mai and Phuket. Not only does this minimise our carbon footprint, it also grants better control over the suppliers we choose to work with. Each supplier is a proponent of GAP (good agricultural practices), so whatever ends up on the plate comes from fair trade and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

This provenance ensures that every meal at Veya is both nutritious for the body and kind to our planet.

Enjoy Plant-Forward Cuisine

50% plant-based, 30% protein, 20% carbohydrates. This is our 5/3/2 rule for each dish at Veya. This balance provides the body with a nourishing variety of vitamins and minerals to ensure optimal performance. In addition, chefs are also equipped with knowledge about vegan and vegetarian preferences, and are able to provide dairy alternatives where needed.

Experience “Less is More”

They say less is more. At Veya, this translates to no additives, no added sugar, no MSG, no farm-forced protein, and no frying oil. Our dishes only use 1% salt, and unrefined or natural sweeteners, so guests can indulge at our restaurants, guilt-free.

Taste Only 5 Ingredients

Every Veya plate highlights five main ingredients. This type of “naked cuisine” allows fresh, good quality produce to shine, through the help of skillful preparation.

In other words, the plate that arrives at the table may seem simple – filled with rich, creative flavours, while illustrating a clear concept and seamless continuity from course to course. But behind the scenes, careful consideration and complex preparation goes into every bite.

Understand Entirety

It’s one thing to reduce food waste by turning leftovers into compost, and another to achieve the same goal by making full use of every item we receive. At Veya, we believe in the latter. Our kitchens maximise ingredients by using as many parts of it as possible, by turning peels into kimchi, seeds into granola or oils, and leaves into salads.

Appreciate Age-old Methods

Fermentation and pickling are not the most commonplace methods of food preparation, but they have been proven to boost gut health and circulation. We incorporate these methods into at least four dishes on our menu at Veya, showcasing them in the form of components like kombucha, kimchi, koji, and miso.

Veya’s cuisine focuses on nutritious, plant-forward menus designed with a creative, flexitarian approach. Try it when you stay at our wellness retreat, Banyan Tree Veya Phuket.


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