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Banyan Tree Anji

Local Culture and Sights

Anji County is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has a subtropical monsoon climate. The air is fresh and the scenery is pleasant. Zhongnan Baicao Garden, China Bamboo Expo Garden and Yucun Village are attractions you can't miss.

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Treks and Tours
Experiences at Banyan Tree
anji white tea

Anji White Tea Picking Tour

Anji's white tea is a local specialty. Apart from boosting its local economic development, Anji's white tea also attracts a large number of tourists to experience the fun of tea picking.

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anji panda

Local Attractions

Anji was the first bamboo town in China and has many bamboo-related attractions on offer. If you are travelling with children, be sure to visit Hangzhou Hello Kitty Paradise and Tianyuan Jialebi.

anji activities

Fun Activities at Banyan Tree Anji

Enjoy a range of activities within the comfort of our hotel for a relaxing holiday.