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What To Do In Chongqing Experiences Banyan Tree

Local Attractions

Near the resort are several interesting places to visit, from museums that will mystify the history buff in you, to parks that are perfect for hiking, and Chongqing's own shining pearl, a hot springs park.

Activities & Experiences

Known as "Jin Ling Yun Xia" or "the Lung of Chongqing," Jinyun Mountain is located at the edge of Wentang Gorge of Jialing River in Beibei District. This ecologically restored and conserved area is also home to the famous Jingang Monument, renowned for preserving the original layout and architectural texture of the streets and alleys dating back to the Qing dynasty.

It is an excellent Chongqing hiking spot and a magical place for watching the sunrise. Once you reach the end of your ascend, you will have a view of the sun peaking from a sea of clouds. If you want to avoid the heat in summer, you can traverse the exhilirating incline of this mountain and enjoy the calm and peace brought on by the breeze from such height. In winter, you can see a gorgeous skirt of fog hugging the natural landscape of the evergreen broad-leaved forest.

Chongqing Natural History Museum is a comprehensive natural science museum. The museum has a collection of more than 70,000 exhibits, covering eight disciplines such as animals, plants, paleontology, paleohuman, paleolithic, geology and minerals, rocks and soil. The museum is characterized by a systematic collection of all kinds of Mesozoic dinosaur fossils and rich and diverse vertebrate specimens from western China.

Under the Jinyun mountain and by the bank of the Wentang Gorge of Jialing River sits the shining pearl of Chongqing North Hot Spring. Chongqing has five hot springs, of which the North Hot Spring reigns supreme. It was known as the "First Spring" in the Qing Dynasty and is a must-visit on your trip to Chongqing.