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Banyan Tree Dongguan Songshan Lake

  • Shenzhen Baoan International Airport

    50 km | 1 hour drive Shenzhen Baoan International Airport( IATA: SZX,ICAO: ZGSZ) A level 4F civil transport airport located in Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong. It is among the top 100 airports in the world, an international hub, and one of China's 12 main airports.
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

    115 km | 1 hour 30 minute drive. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (ICAO: ZGGG,IATA: CAN) A level 4F civil transport airport located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong. It is one of China's three major complex hubs and among the world's top 50 major airports. It has been a part of the 72-hour visa-free transit policy since August 2013.
  • Dongguan East Station

    22 km | 40 minute drive Dongguan East Station of Guandong has 3 platforms supporting 8 routes, and serves as the main transportation center for those from major cities to get to and from the hotel.
  • Humen Railway Station

    35 km | 40 minute drive Humen Railway Station of Guangdong has 2 platforms and 6 routes. It is an important transportation hub for southwestern Dongguan.
Points of interest
  • Nanshe Ming and Qing Ancient Village

    25 km | 40 minute drive Construction of the Nanshe Ming and Qing Ancient Village began in the Song dynasty. The village has beautiful ponds and ancient streets, embodying the beauty of a canal towns by the Pearl River Delta. The village has a large and well-preserved ancestral temple complex, and houses with gable and hip roof convey the magnificent splendor of Guangdong architecture. Nanshe Ming and Qing Ancient Village retains rich and colorful traditional folk culture such as Nanshe zhaijiao (Taoist rituals), Nanshe Nine Large Urn Feast, Banquets for a Thousand Seniors, and tea garden festival.
  • Humen Fort

    40 km | 50 minute drive With traces of gunpowder and war long gone, the relics of the fort stand as a caution to future generations. Humen Fort was where the patriotic Admiral Guan Tianpei defended against British troops in the Opium War. Historical sites and artifacts surrounding the fort include the “Tomb of Brave Warriors” and “Soldiers' Grave”. Visitors can look back on history and remember the fallen heroes.
  • The Opium War Museum

    35 km | 50 minute drive “The Gate of Awakening, the Land of Heroes”. The Opium War Museum is a specialized museum that commemorates the Opium War and oversees important relics from the war, including the The site where Lin Zexu burnt opium, Shajiao Fortress, and Weiyuan Fortress, presenting this major historical event in early modern Chinese history through cultural relics, pictures, artworks, videos and digital exhibitions.
  • Qifeng Mountain

    30 km | 55 minute drive The stunning majesty of Qifeng Mountain gives its fame as the “number one sight of Dongguan”. Atop the mountain, Huangqi Ancient Temple attracts endless streams of pilgrims and visitors. At the foot of the mountain, the Lian Spring and Lian Pavilion are renowned throughout Guangdong. Climb the heights to enjoy a sweeping view of Dongguan.

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