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Ancient Villages

Travel back in time as you go on a cultural tour through Huangshan's ancient Hongcun village and other treasured UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Then, enjoy an authentic Chinese lunch.

Lucun Village

Just five minutes from the resort is the beautiful Lucun village. Take in the fresh air, birdsong, delicate blossoms and spectacular valley landscape.

Also known as Zhi Shan Village, the ancient dwellings of Lucun were built by Lu Bangxie, a senior official of the four dynasties in the reign of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty. Among them, the famous "wood carving floor" is the best of Huizhou wood carving art.

lucun village huangshan
lucun village
lucun village
lucun village

Hongcun Village

Hongcun is a "ox-shaped village". Seen from a high place, the whole village looks like a green cow lying by a stream in front of the hill.

Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the ancient Hongcun village is built in the Hui style, with neatly arranged white walls and green tiles and eaves and corners raised and tilted. The site selection, layout and architectural form of the whole village emphasize the ideal realm of harmony between man and nature so that the overall outline of Hongcun village is in harmony with the natural scenery such as terrain, landform, and landscape.

The ancient villages in southern Anhui, represented by Hongcun, have been included in the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO. Hongcun Scenic Spot was officially awarded the title of "National 5A Tourist Attraction" by the National Tourism Administration.

hongcun village
hongcun village
hongcun village
hongcun village

Anhui Carvings

Step into the historical discovery of the Four Anhui Carvings. These brick, timber, stone and bamboo carvings are more than four centuries old, and influence today's regional architecture and handicrafts.

anhui carvings


Tachuan, also known as Tashang, is affiliated to Yixian Hongcun Town. Located on the way from Hongcun Village, a famous tourist spot in Yixian County, to Mukeng Bamboo Sea, it is a mountain village with unique charm among the many beautiful and rich natural villages in Yixian County. There are several stunning sights such as "the front house surrounded by the stream" or the autumn scenery of Tachuan, which has inspired multiple painters and photographers.

tachuan hongcun huangshan